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Welcome to Puffin preschool

Our Pre-School

We are a friendly and successful pre-school happily situated at the back of Foakes Hall, Great Dunmow.

We welcome children from 2yrs – 5yrs old, Monday – Friday, during term time.

Our Ethos

At Puffin's we support children to discover their potential and flourish into confident, independent individuals to prepare them and help them succeed in their next stage in life. 

We support this development by providing a safe, secure and enabling environment all the while planting the seeds of kindness, which encourages positive relationships, friendships, exploration of our community and the world around us,  learning through play, having lots of fun and making memories! 

"You cannot make people learn. You can only provide the right conditions for learning to happen.” ~ Vince Gowmon


Learning Through Play

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We inspire children to embrace their individuality and grow into well rounded confident individuals


We explore feelings, thoughts, ideas, imaginations and creativity


We discover friendships, senses, independence, enjoyment and a love for learning

Our Approach

We believe that children thrive in an environment in which they feel safe, valued and appreciated. Every child has a key worker to form crucial attatchments with to promote a feeling of security. We take a child-centered approach and focus on children learning through their interests and positive interactions with adults, peers, their environment and the general atmosphere of their surroundings. 

We are influenced by many approaches to children's learning and development and attempt to create an environment that is well resourced to encourage play, exploration and creativity to promote all areas of learning.

By building on each child’s strengths, interests and curiosities, we guide each child to explore the world around them as well as develop new abilities and form close relationships.


Contact Us

Foakes hall, 47 Stortford Road, Great Dunmow


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