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Ofsted text“children’s communication skills are consistently supported” Ofsted”
(Ofsted, 2015)

“The manager and staff are highly committed, enthusiastic and motivated to providing good quality service for children and their families”
(Ofsted, 2011)

“Staff use their invaluable knowledge of each child to ensure that all activities are presented in such a way as to best suit individual needs and abilities”
(Ofsted, 2011)


We are open Monday to Friday in the morning from 8.45am to 11.45am and then 12.15pm to 3.15pm for afternoon sessions.  Between these times we offer a “Lunch Club” for half an hour (enabling children to stay right through from 8.45am until 3.15pm if required).  There is a charge for the Lunch Club which is detailed under Fees.  Children can only be left outside of these times in exceptional circumstances by prior arrangement with the Manager.  Each child has a named peg in the cloakroom for you to hang up their coats, hats, etc.  For the safety of the children the doors are alarmed, so please ask a member of staff to let you out.

Children self-register when they come in, and they then have free choice of all the toys and activities on offer.  We provide a rolling snack time half way through the session, where the children can choose from a selection of healthy foods and pour their own drinks. (IMPORTANT:  Please ensure you inform the pre-school staff of any dietary requirements, allergies or food intolerances your child may have).  We wind down with a story or song at the end of the session, before the children put on their coats to go home.  Those children that stay for Lunch Club get to enjoy their packed lunch in the company of the staff.  The afternoon session follows a similar format to the morning, with the children having free choice activities, rolling snack, and the session ending at 3.15pm.

SessionsWe access the outdoors every day (where practical) by going for nature walks or walks around the town, playing games on the green, going down to Doctor’s Pond to see the ducks, or visiting the Pre-School’s Allotment.  Please could you ensure your child is prepared to go out according to the weather conditions of the day, e.g. brings a coat or sun hat as necessary.

We operate a free library system and the children can borrow a book of their choice on their allocated library day, returning it the following week.  To help develop an interest in books and reading, we would encourage you to share these books with your child.  The children place the books in their book bags (available for each child at a price of £5) and put them in their trays in the Kitchen area, along with any pictures or models that they have made, which are then given to you at the end of each session.

There are also various book club schemes whereby parents can purchase books at less than the published prices, and the pre-school can benefit in vouchers or free books.

Whilst we do not encourage toys to be brought in from home, if your child has a particular comforter, we would suggest that it is kept in their trays.