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“Puffin Pre-School provides an outstanding pre-school experience from the EYFS curriculum, and fun and enjoyment”
Ms B


Puffin has grown considerably, from starting out as a toddler group which was set up by a group of parents back in 1982, to the professional organisation you see today.

As a Committee run charitable organisation, the Committee are an important part of Puffin and we do, indeed, need one in order to exist.

If you are interested in how Puffin is run, why not consider becoming a Committee Member.  Meetings are held periodically, with dates and times being displayed on the notice boards prior to the event.  There is also an Annual General Meeting which is held in the summer term, and this is where the election of new Committee Members takes place.

The Committee is responsible for the management of Puffin.  All decisions on the operation of Puffin are the responsibility of the Committee.  The implementation of many decisions is delegated to the very experienced Staff Team, but the Committee retain the responsibility and liability.

There are different roles within the Committee with varying levels of involvement.  We have a Chairperson who heads up all Committee meetings, ensuring all items are discussed and calling for votes where necessary.  The Treasurer looks after the group’s finances, paying bills, keeping accounts and producing written statements of these at every meeting.  The Treasurer also ensures payment of staff wages and reimbursement of expenses.  The Secretary takes minutes of all Committee meetings, keeps correspondence and replies to letters as directed by the Committee.  There are also roles for Vice-Chairperson and Vice-Treasurer, as well as General Members who in the past have taken on responsibilities in areas which were of interest to them, such as Fundraising and Health & Safety.

If you are interested in becoming more involved in your pre-school, and would like to find out more, speak to a current Committee Member, any member of staff, or come along to the next Committee Meeting.

We welcome your support.